Middle East Business Expansion Package

Middle East Business Expansion Package

Middle East Business Expansion Package

Looking to expand into new territories?

See massive potential in the Arabian Gulf countries of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, and Oman, but a bit scared?

Should you send across a key business development executive to explore the opportunities? But is it worth it?

With over 23 years’ experience in managing and leading both local and international organisations and working with many varied nationalities and cultures, I can answer and allay many of the questions and fears you may have.

In my time, I have seen many new European and American businesses come to conquer this unique region and fail. Not because of a poor product, poor delivery, or even a lack of resources, but predominantly due to a lack of understanding of the market, its political and economic structure, the differing and varied leadership and management styles, and the very different expectations of the business owners and influencers.

Reshaping the local markets to work in the UK, US, Netherlands, or wherever will fail.

We offer a 2-month, 6-session package exploring the following:

· Setting up: What to expect when arriving in terms of establishing your home, car, education for kids, visas, etc 

· Business ownership structure and leadership/management styles Different nationalities and cultures work in very different ways. What to expect 

· Business development: networking, Business Groups, and government entities 

· Cultural Do’s and Don'ts: Middle Eastern countries are some of the safest in the World as long as you stay within the rules 

· The Employment structure: what to expect when hiring, who gets paid what and why  

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