Career Kickstart Package

Career Kickstart Package

Career Kickstart Package
(25% discount for < 25 yoa)

 A 6 session package incorporating our 6 step process to move your career forward. It aims to bring clarity to your objectives and calm to your decision making through a process of discovery and goal setting utilising our 6 fundamental techniques 

1. Rediscovering drive and motivation –align your personal and work life, understand what is meaningful to you, identify where your passions lie, connect to a clear vision; 

2. Conquering the inner critic – develop your awareness and control over anxiety, limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome 

3. Enhancing your agility enabling you to take a wider view of your options and thus increasing choice 

4. Help you identify and voice your key strengths and weaknesses then harness those unique individual positives whilst creating a clear path of knowledge and skill development 

5. Stakeholder Management, be it at home or your work relationships, how to create balance and positive contribution to your choices and maintain balance that supports them 

6. Action Plan – We will agree a clear set of actions for you to test run your findings from the sessions as well as communication and interview techniques and create a personal brand

Individual sessions available upon request


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